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Underground Drain Water Rooter for cleaning clogged underground gutter drains

Clogged gutter drains can be a frequent problem if you have trees anywhere near your home -- often resulting in flooded or moldy basements. And if your gutter drains extend underground, cleaning them can be especially difficult and/or expensive. This is where the one and only Drain Water Rooter can help.

Simply screw it onto your regular garden hose, insert it as far as possible into the exit end of your underground water drain, and turn the water on full blast. The Drain Water Rooter eats away the debris clogging your drain while flushing it back out. Full money-back, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Web Design,Print Advertising, Graphic Design & Marketing Services in Asheville, NC

Opportunities for start-ups and small businesses have never been greater! For 25 years, Advertising That Works and Joe Web Site Services have been helping businesses thrive.

If your business needs a boost, call Randy at 828-242-5994

Asheville Farm specializes in garden-fresh pesticide-free produce, farm-fresh eggs, free-range chickens, gorgeous Icelandic sheep, and charming dairy goats for Western North Carolina

To see what's in-season and currently available, please visit AshevilleFarm.com

Microhydrin from Royal Body Care helps protect your cells from harmful free-radicals.

Research confirms that Microhydrin nutritional supplement offers:
  • Enhancement of the body's natural energy production
  • Powerful antioxidant properties
  • Increases cellular hydration
  • Improves blood oxygen levels
  • Reduces lactic acid during exercise
  • Effectively alkalizes the body
For details, visit our Microhydrin page

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